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Pay No VAT on Depend® Products

Pay No VAT on Depend® Products

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HM Revenue & Customs allow some products to be zero-rated for VAT purposes where they have been specifically designed for use by persons who have a chronic condition which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon his/her everyday life. The Depend range of products are designed specifically to empower the individual in coping with their condition and to rebalance their life.

You are eligible for VAT relief if:

  • You are purchasing these products for yourself or a member of your immediate family who suffers from a chronic incontinence condition for your or their personal use in managing that condition; and
  • You are not purchasing these products for a state regulated care or welfare provider or institution such as nursing home or hospital or for any other commercial purpose; and
  • You or the person for whom you are making this purchase, are not an in-patient or resident of an institution such as a hospital or nursing care home.

Please read our Webstore T&C for more information.

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