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Sanitary towels vs incontinence pads

What’s the difference between sanitary pads and incontinence pads?

If you feel self-conscious about buying incontinence products then it’s understandably tempting to just use a sanitary pads instead. After all, they look similar and do a similar job. So how different can they be?

Actually, the technology behind sanitary pads and incontinence products, like Depend, is very different. This means that it’s important to choose the right product – if not you could end up with sore, irritated skin.

To help you understand the different job each product does, and why you need to wear the correct one for incontinence, here’s a quick comparison table.

What’s the difference between sanitary pads and Depend?

 Sanitary pads
sanitary towels
Depend Pads
LeakageMore likely to leakDesigned for fewer leaks
Skin protectionCan lead to rashesNeutralises urine to prevent rashes
OdourNo odour preventionQuickly locks away urine odour

So, please don’t feel uncomfortable about buying incontinence products (if it helps, seven million UK women suffer from urinary incontinence, so you’re not alone)!

Instead, make sure you choose the right product for the job – one that will keep you feeling dry and comfortable all day, so you can forget you’re even wearing one.

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