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An introduction to ‘absorbent underwear’

Depend absorbent underwear

What is absorbent underwear?

Absorbent underwear helps offer discreet and reliable protection from bladder or bowel weakness for both men and women. It can help to ease the stresses of incontinence by increasing mobility and independence. As a result, you can continue going about your day-to-day life with confidence and control, rather than avoid the activities you love, such as yoga, cycling, jogging or walking the dog.

Depend® offers a tailored range of both male and female absorbent underwear products, so you can feel liberated and live your life the way you want.

To find out what product would be best for you, Depend® offer a product guide that considers your needs:

What’s right for me


A Quick introduction to the Depend® Range


Real Fit® Underwear

Depend® Real Fit® Underwear is specifically designed to fit and feel like real underwear. It protects against loss of bladder control and with its slim fit design, the cotton-like material is soft, discreet and breathable.

Absorbency is for moderate/ heavy and it's so discreet that no one will ever know you're wearing it!

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Depend® Underwear

These smooth-fit pull ups fit as snugly as your usual underwear. The stretchy Lycra® and oval-cut legs give you full freedom to move confidently, while keeping you comfortable and fresh all day.

Depend® Underwear with Dry5 securiy gives guaranteed overnight protection to help you maintain a secure, peacful night's sleep.

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