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Regaining a good night’s sleep

Regaining a good night's sleep with Depend

Restless Nights

If you suffer from incontinence during the night it can be exhausting, frequently waking up to wet sheets despite going to the bathroom at least three or four times throughout the night.

These restless nights can impact your day-to-life, both at work and at home. It can leave you feeling constantly tired during working hours and exhausted by the time you get home to your family or social gatherings.

Depend® Underwear's Overnight Guarantee

However, there is a solution. Depend® Underwear allows you to rest easy during the night knowing that even if there is an accident, your sheets will remain dry thanks to its maximum absorbency and guaranteed overnight protection.

Depend® Underwear has FIT-FLEX™ Protection with LYCRA® strands to ensure a smooth fit for complete discretion and it also offers worry-free odour control protection

Find out more about Depend® Underwear for Women and Men, regain a good night’s sleep and start living a happy, normal life again.