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Living with Incontinence

Discovering you have incontinence can be an emotional experience; however, with the right advice and management techniques, it needn’t stop you living your life as normal. This page contains tips to help you live your life with confidence.

Talking about incontinence

The first step to understanding incontinence is to discuss it. Your doctor can diagnose your condition and advise on treatment. Speaking to friends and family opens you up to an extended support network.


Talking to your doctor

Dr Sara Kayat explains why talking to your GP will help you understand incontinence and how to prepare for your appointment.

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Talking to loved ones

Nadia Sawalha shares her experience of telling her husband about her incontinence and provides tips to help you talk to those close to you.

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Enjoying intimacy

Intimacy doesn’t need to end with incontinence. Discussing your condition with a new partner will help you develop a long-lasting relationship.

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Accepting your condition

Accepting and understanding your condition is the first step to living with incontinence but know that you don’t need to do it alone.

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Health & wellbeing

From your body to your self-esteem, it’s important to dedicate time to look after yourself. Taking care of your wellbeing will help you continue doing the things you enjoy with confidence.

Sleeping well

Incontinence during the night can impact your sleep. However, this can be managed so you can enjoy a good night’s rest.

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Caring for a loved one

Are you caring for someone with incontinence? Find out what you might need to know, and how you can get extra support.

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Managing your condition

To ensure you can carry on as normal, you may need to make some lifestyle adjustments to manage your condition. The below will help.

Choosing the right product

The frequency and triggers of your leaks will determine the best product for you. Our product selector will help you choose from the Depend® range.

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Saving money

If purchasing Depend® products for yourself or a close family member, you may be exempt from VAT.

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